The importance of certification

A certificate is given to convey to the customer the total composition and quality rating of the product purchased. It is handed out to instill a sense of trust and reassurance, so that you are convinced about the value of the product you have purchased. Always insist on a certificate when you purchase diamonds and other gems. It is an attestation of quality. It is an important part of any transaction.

Our Certification Partners


Trusted by the trade and patrons, Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories Ltd. (SGL)is a reputed, international gem testing laboratory. They stand for reliability and consistency in certification standards. SGL has centers in many parts of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Jaipur. They have a center in London too. Thanks to their commitment to very high standards of certification, they help the gem and jewellery industry in a big way. A certificate from SGL is all one needs to be assured of the gem’s quality.


The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is an outcome of the synergy between meticulous research and the support of those in the business and consumers. All over the world, IGI certificates spell reassurance whether you are buying or selling jewellery.

IGI also has courses for professionals and consumers. Their focus is on ensuring that the buyers get what they want with the comfort of assurance of quality. IGI has offices in Mumbai, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Los Angeles and Hong Kong among other countries over the globe.


HKD Diamond Laboratories, Canada was established in 1990. They strive to give reliable gemological services to jewellery manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. Today they are at a leadership position when it comes to diamond certificates, jewellery reports and branded jewellery dossiers. They have modern, cutting edge laboratories in Canada, Mumbai and Thailand.

In addition to doing branded reports for jewellery designers who give out a certificate with their jewellery, they also specialize in sealsafe holograms and unique number codes as security measures to prevent any malpractise or tampering of these important documents.


GIA or The Gemological Institute of America, established in 1931, is one of the most formidable authorities on diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Its aim has always been to protect the interests of buyers and sellers across the world by setting up standards that give proof about a gemstone's quality.

The 4C's that is cut, clarity, colour and carat is a gift of GIA to the world. It was they who laid down the parameters that make for quality diamonds. Even today, these parameters are the norm. GIA is the largest source of information pertaining to gems and jewellery for the trade as well as the consumers. Their laboratories have a detailed and complete report on the analysis of the quality of the diamond. Diploma and certificate programmes with studies in the fields of diamonds, gemology, gems, jewellery technology and design is also offered by GIA. True pioneers of the field!

BIS hallmark

A very well known certificate, as there has been a good exposure on this thanks to the TV commercials. This system gives certificates with gold and silver jewellery. Their certificates indicate purity of the metals. This certification has a high rating amongst the trade too and finds wide acceptance amongst consumers too.


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