While picking up gemstones, the 4 Cs that apply to buying diamonds work here too. Other than that, many a times gemstones are picked for their significance as a birth stone for a month. Gemstones as birthstones are said to wield considerable influence on the wearer’s fate. It was in the Gregorian calendar that the concept of gemstones was found for the first time. The belief is that if one wore gemstones according to one’s birth month, then the person’s energies and strengths get enhanced thus making a positive impact on his life. So wearing a gemstone according to one’s birth month is considered lucky every which way. As they say, wear your gemstone and change your life!

Garnet – January

Garnet it is said is a term derieved from Granatum, which is pomegranate seeds. Garnets are said to resemble these. Garnets come in various colours, except blue and the red one is the most popular. Those born in January are said to be multi talented and multi faceted. As mentioned earlier, though the red garnet is said to be very popular, the other colours also have energies and are said to alleviate particular problems. The green garnet is said to be beneficial for meditation and helps in focussing. Orange helps in commitment. Red is for passion, creativity and confidence. Garnet jewellery is very pretty, as a pendant, earrings or beautiful chokers.

Amethyst – February

A purple beauty amethyst is a kind of quartz. Found in beautiful shades of purple and violet, February’s birthstone amethyst is a great favourite amongst many. But the biggest beneficiaries of wearing an amethyst are said to be the creative February borns. Its rich purple colour stands for class and royalty. It is said that the amethyst has many powers. It is said to protect against seduction and from getting uncontrollably drunk! In Greek amethystos means not intoxicated.

Aquamarine – March

Aquamarine is a beautiful stones with the colour of pristine oceans. It comes in stunning shades of beautiful blues. It is a transparent variety of the beryl stone. Aquamarine is said to be the colour of the sky and water and some legends call it the lucky stone of sailors. The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin (aqua) which means water and marine comes from mare which means sea. Aquamarine is linked to love, blissful marriage, happiness and money. Lucky March borns.

Diamond – April

April’s stone is what we call a girl’s best friend. Yes, it’s the diamond and it is the first choice of the rich and famous. The word ‘diamond’ comes from the Greek Adamas, which means unalterable, unbreakable and untamed. Is there a better way to describe a diamond? Diamonds not just come in brilliant white, but also in beautiful pink, orange, yellow, brown and black. Coloured diamonds are more rare therefore more expensive.

Emerald – May

Emeralds are brilliant green gems and lucky May borns for having this beautiful stone. Emeralds it is said can be more expensive than diamonds if the quality is superlative. One comes across priceless emeralds in museums because along with diamonds, emeralds were a hot favourite of royalty. It is one of the oldest stones to be mined. Indian and foreign mythology is replete with emerald stories. In India, emerald is associated with prosperity, healing and spirituality. It is also said to hasten marriage for the unmarried. A beautiful emerald jewellery is a thing of beauty forever. May borns will do well to adorn this green fire!

Pearl – June

Pearls are as ethereal as moonlight, as romantic as the rhythmic waves of the ocean and as perfect as nature itself. A natural gem, it is a gift of the sea for humanity. The pearl is formed after the oyster’s labour. Pearls come in beautiful colours other than the translucent white or off white. Beautiful pinks, lavender to striking black. A pearl’s value unlike other gems is not affected by the colour. It’s how natural it is that determines its value. Cultured pearls do not cost as much as those that come straight from the sea. Good lustre, lesser imperfections on the surface and that sheen is what a good pearl is all about. The shape doesn’t matter. Pearls are said to have a calming effect on the wearer, people with hot tempers are often advised to wear pearls. If you want to make a classy style statement, go for pearls, just like the June borns.

Ruby – July

From the corundrum family, rubies are one of the most beautiful gems as it’s the colour of love and passion, deep red! In fact poets have described beautiful women as having ruby red lips! It is on the same plane as diamonds and emeralds. The beauty of ruby gets even more enhanced when it is paired with diamonds and emeralds. Rubies in combination with gold or platinum also makes for a fine spectacle. The word ruby comes from the Latin word Rubens, which means red. July borns are lucky to have such a magnificent stone as their birth stone. It stands for luck in love, passion and prosperity.

Peridot – August

A beautiful pale green, peridots come only in green, sometimes with a dash of gold. The Romans believed that the peridot glowed at dark and therefore called it the ‘emerald of the evening.’ The word peridot is derieved from the word peridona which means to ‘bestow richness.’ It’s a stone that denotes lightness of being, of a summer evening and is uplifting. It’s a beautiful complement for a classy wardrobe. The peridot is said to bestow strength and well as strengthen the intimate relationship of the wearer.

Sapphire – September

Sapphire for September, is yet another prominent gem like diamonds, emeralds and rubies. It is said to have very powerful energies, and is said to be a stone that can lift fallen fortunes. Though blue is the colour that comes to mind when one thinks of sapphire, it is found in shades of pink, orange, yellow and purple. It is an expensive stone, and like diamonds, emeralds and rubies, is a favourite of royalty. Sapphire, as a word, comes from the Greek word ‘ Sapphirus’ which means blue. The wearer of a sapphire is said to be protected against poisoning also and it is said to bring great prosperity. It looks beautiful when fashion as jewellery or set as a single stone on a ring. It is a popular choice for engagement rings.

Tourmaline – October

Tourmaline, the stone for October borns comes in a delightful array of colours. It is said that the tourmaline rose from the centre of the earth to pass through a rainbow, hence the spectrum of colours. The origin of the word tourmaline is not Greek, as it is for most of the stones, but Sinhalese ‘tura mali’ which is meant to signify mixed colours. It is said that no two tourmalines are alike, and the deep crimson one is the one that’s a favourite. It is said to change colour under a light and is perfect for the fun loving October borns.

Citrine – November

Heard of citrine? Then you must be November born, because it is not that common a gem as others. The November borns will surely love that exclusivity! The word citrine comes from an archaic French term ‘citrin’ which means lemon. Colours of the citrine range from pale yellow to dark amber bordering on red. Citrine has a lot of positive attributes. From helping the wearer in emerging triumphant from the trials of life to being a shield against evil,the citrine is said to be a symbol of hope and strength.

Topaz – December

For the fiery and freedom loving December borns, it is topaz. It comes in mesmerising shades of yellow, from honey yellow to amber yellow to clear yellow to brown, red, pink, blue and green! The origin of the word comes from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ which means fire. It is said that the topaz has cooling properties and therefore cool down a hot headed person too! It has many healing powers credited to it, like it helps in correcting vision, asthma and even insomnia. The topaz has a classy look and is perfect for the wardrobe of a person with class.


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