Rings Of Joy

Rings go beyond being an ornament. They have a deeper significance and denotes one's marital status too. They seal a relationship and putting a ring on someone you love denotes commitment and the will to be with each other for a lifetime. It is one of the first pieces of jewellery a couple wishing to tie the knot buy and therefore its significance is deep. Rings come in different kinds.

Types of rings

  • Engagement Rings

    Usually the very first jewellery a couple own. While in India, with the prevalence of arranged marriages, buying an engagement ring is a family affair, abroad it is usually picked by the couple. Engagement rings are usually in diamond and gold. Gemstones of one’s month and plain gold or platinum rings are also popular choices.

  • Wedding Rings

    Wedding rings signify commitment of a lifetime. Once worn it is usually not taken off till the time one is married or till death. Wedding rings like engagement rings have deep significance. It can be simple bands with engravings of one’s name, date of wedding etc or heavily encrusted with gems. Platinum wedding bands are becoming a popular choice for wedding rings amongst couples. Wedding rings are sometimes heirlooms passed on from generations too. White and pink gold are also popular metals for wedding rings.

  • Eternity Rings

    Eternity rings signify everlasting love. It’s most remarkable feature is the circle of gemstones around the outer band of the ring. There are half eternity rings also, these have gemstones covering half part of the outer band. Eternity bands are exchanged between family and close friends. It can be worn around any finger.

  • Cocktail Rings

    Usually large with a striking design is what cocktails rings are all about. Utterly glamourous, they are best worn when on a night out. Sparkling coloured stones, either precious or semi precious is a highlight of these rings. They surely are a big attraction in a party ensemble. They are also known as dress rings, fashion rings or party rings.

  • Wishbone Rings

    Also known as the M or W ring, depending on how it is worn. These are either plain or encrusted with gems. It is more adorned by women, the best part is that the shape of this ring accentuates the beauty of the hand of the wearer. It is called wishbone rings because of its similarity to the shape of a chicken wishbone. Sometimes the rings are work interlocked.


Amongst jewellery pieces, it is earrings that enhances your beauty. It is the closest to your face and a beautiful pair of earrings surely adds a shine to your features. It has the potential to drastically change your appearance. The brilliance of diamonds or the golden glow of gold goes a long way in accentuating your beauty. Earrings are of many kings – Studs, danglers, hoops or a mix of all. Here’s a guide to make earring buying easier for you.

Types of earrings

  • Studs

    Wear studs if you have earlobes close to your face, it looks best. Studs are held secure with screws. Screws are of different kinds. Push ones, threaded or the ones with a screw type of backing. Stud look best with solitaires or single stones. Plain gold and silver studs are also elegant.

  • Drops

    Drop earrings are ideal for all age groups and face shapes, drops end just below the earlobe. It is usually a metal hook and a pretty, ornamental piece hanging from it. In the same category comes charm drop earrings. They come in a variety of shapes, colours, lengths and usually hang from chains or hooks.

  • Danglers

    The glamorous types of earrings, danglers end either at the neck or way below at the shoulder level. It instantly perks an ordinary look and is ideal for evenings out. They have hooks and a metal stud with an ornamental hanging. If you have diamond danglers, you do not need any other piece of jewellery to glam up!

  • Hoops

    Hoops are a favourite amongst all age groups. They are circular or sometimes are long circles. It has a tube kind of backing or tiny ends that go into the opposite part of the hoop. The best part about hoops are that they never go out of style and flatter most face shapes. They are suited for a casual or an evening looks too.

  • Huggies

    Huggies hug the ear. They encircle and sit snug around your earlobes. It’s best for round shaped faces.


In prehistoric times, pendants were made of bones, stones and shells. Then it evolved into metals and gems. Even today, the diamond pendant is the most gifted pendant. Pendants add a touch of class and enhances the beauty of the wearer’s neck. Pendant designs have undergone many design transformations whether it is in the traditional style or modern design.


Bangles are bracelets that are firm, solid and sometimes with openable screws. Bangles can be plain, with texture or encrusted with stones. There is rarely a woman who hasn't worn bangles. Bangles are either round or come in a variety of shapes like square, rectangle, oval or with curves.


Bracelets are romantic, feminine and add a splash of glamour to one’s wrist. With bracelets size is never a problem. Bracelets are best chosen by the size of the wrist and one’s skin tone. For example chunky bracelets suit slender wrists and heavy wrists need elegant, slim pieces. The standard size of bracelets is 7 inches, longer and shorter ones are also available. A well fitting bracelet will not slip out or come in the way. The right coloured gemstones and metal will go long way in making your hands look beautiful.

Types of bracelets

  • Tennis bracelets

    The best kind of bracelet, these have a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. Popularised by Chris Evert, the former World No 1 woman tennis player. She had worn it for a match and it broke in the middle of the match and play was interrupted to allow her to retrieve her diamonds. Since then it has been a much popular choice when it comes to bracelet patterns.

  • Charm bracelet

    Whimsy and with a dash of gypsy charm, charm bracelets carry everything significant in a person’s life around the wrist. It is carried tiny or medium sized trinkets soldered or held by tiny hoops on the bracelet. Italian charm bracelets are the trendiest things in the bracelet world. While other bracelets’ charms dangle, the Italian kind’s charms are soldered flat on the surface of the bracelet.

  • Link bracelets

    Bracelets made from connecting and linking different elements or similar ornamental jewellery pieces. The components could be either precious metals or even gems.


There's nothing like a necklace to complete your dressed up look. Whether it's a saree, a salwar kameez, a cocktail gown or a mini, pair it with a statement neckpiece and you are all set! Chokers which stay close to the neck are perfect for the slender necked beauty, while those with a shorter neck can opt for a longer piece. Diamond chokers or a one studded with gemstones are truly gorgeous and just right for a bride. Pearls also make for stunning neckpieces. The best part is there is a neckpiece to suit every budget and every body type. Go for what suits you and you can do away with other jewellery.


Nose pins are traditional, yet funky enough for the hip, young crowd to adorn it too. A single diamond nose pin which will glitter with every move is what will endear the wearer to any who sets eyes on her. Similarly rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls or for that matter plain gold or silver will also make for a pretty nose pin.


Mangalsutras denote a woman's marital status. Though traditionally in gold and black beads, diamond and other mangalsutras are equally popular. The lengths can vary, though the short one is popular with the crowd that wears western clothes too. Whatever the kind, a mangalsutra is a lovely fusion of east and west and that's what makes it a must-have in an Indian woman's jewellery box.


Whatever your age, whatever your status, you cannot wear only real jewellery, because there is a mindboggling range of accessories to choose from. From 18k gold to silver to other metals, the range of accessories available these days is phenomenal. In fact, women are wearing these to weddings to, a hitherto unheard of fact.


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